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~*Sister Soldier*~ Blog

~*Sister Soldier*~ Blog

Sermons, Words, thoughts, Lunchtime Lives & Newsletters from ~*Sister Soldier*~

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Freedom Outreach Ministry...

Posted by [email protected] on September 12, 2019 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello All. 

I just wanted to share with you how the Lord is working in my life at this point.  I have been blessed over the past 8 years to walk in the mission field of a prison / jail ministry that God opened up for me.  Over the years I have written to many people in jail but over the past 8 months God has truly stepped into this ministry and revival has broken out.  With the help of my Husband Marvin, Our Daughter Mashayla and Sister Robin We are currently writing to 95 men and women who are incarcerated at this time.    In this number of people God has blessed me to meet and become a part of men and women's lives that range from new babes in Christ to seasoned ministers and warriors in Christ.  I am very blessed to be walking in this calling on my life that God started after speaking the scripture Hebrews 13:3 into my spirit.  I am so humbled at the amazing journey that God has allowed me to be on with these wonderful individuals that at one point found themselves in a place in life where they did the wrong thing or made wrong choices that caused them to be incarcerated but now through His grace and mercy God has brought them to a place of surrender unto Him where they are now growing and leading others to the Lord.  I started this journey with the hopes of helping others and have learned over the months that God has used these wonderful individuals I have met to help and encourage me just as much as I have helped and encouraged them. 

In this ministry we send out a monthly Newsletter that features a section called "Featured Writer of the Month".  This section allows the members of our Freedom group to submit writing, sermons, poems, and articles they want to share.  It is a wonderful way to encourage them as well as build confidence as a writer or just in expressing themselves.  It is one of my favoriate sections of the Newsletter. If you wish to receive a copy feel free to eail us or leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you to get mailing information to send out a copy of the Newsletter to you. 

I will be sharing more on Information about the Freedom Outreach Ministry as the months go on.  Please stay turned. :) As the months go on we will be sharing more on this subject and others.  God bless and keep you all until we speak again.

from the desk of:

~*Sister Soldier*~

Lunchtime Live with ~*Sister Soldier*~

Posted by [email protected] on September 12, 2019 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

“Capital “I” or a small “i” ?”

In proper grammar when we write a sentence the “I” is capitalized as to indicate a proper noun. It is referring to one’s self in the first person. Such as in the sentence, “I can go outside and run 10 miles”… HAHA not really, I might not make it a block… LOL. BUT you get my meaning. The Bible says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me… Let’s look at this scripture for a moment. The “I” is capitalized because it refers to me in the first person as a proper noun. But let’s look at the word Christ. In the middle of Christ is a small “i” … and in this portion of the sentence it is referring to Jesus giving us strength to do all things. I alone can do nothing but when I put myself in the middle of Jesus Christ and allow Him to give me the strength HE has for me “I” become a small “i” and gains power through the strength of Jesus to do ALL things… My Bishop told me once… If you want to get big… get little. I was confused (not hard to do…LOL) so I asked him to elaborate. He said If you want to go higher in the kingdom of God then you must decrease so that HE can increase in your life. That made perfect sense to me. The more of Christ I have in my life the less of me {ME = “I”, Flesh, self-will, pride (notice the “i” in the middle of pride?), arrogance, ungodliness} there is in my life and My will becomes HIS will fulfilling the word that says Lord let “THY WILL be done in earth as it is in heaven” in Matthew 6:10. We must learn to allow HIS WILL to be done. (notice the “i” in the middle or His Will?) When we allow ourselves to become smaller than His presence in our lives and crucify this flesh we live in, and Kill Pride and all that comes with it, then we can truly walk in His will. OH Wait! I hear in the back of my mind the words, “well you don’t know what I have been through.” “What can I do from in here?” I say to that devil who is speaking that fowl deceptive language of bondage into the atmosphere. “shut up!” In the name of Jesus, I bind you and render you silent! Now I say to you, Do not allow your present circumstances nor your past to dictate your destiny. You can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. That scripture didn’t say you can do all things when you got it all together. Nor did it say you can do all thing once you are free from where you are presently at. Because freedom is a state of mind. No matter the captivity or state your body is in you can be free in your mind. It’s a matter of the heart. Back to the scripture that says… You can do ALL things. ALL mean ALL! And how can you do it? Through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. So, it is not our works that help us do it… It is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ who give us the strength to do what HE calls us to do… WE can do ALL things through HIM… Now comes the choice. Because to have more of HIM we must decrease and have less of us. We must put aside the Capital “I” and become the small “i” in the middle of Christ Jesus. But like I said, “now comes the choice.” It is a matter of the heart. God is a gentleman and will not force us to do anything. He wants us to love Him freely just as He loved us as He went to Calvary for us before we were even formed in our mother’s womb. Before our fathers and mothers even knew each other, He died for us. So now I ask you… will you die out to this flesh… will you kill the Capital “I”? Will you allow yourself to be enveloped in Christ? Will you choose to be like Paul who said, “I die daily.” As for me I am saying today, “less of me Lord… More of you.” Just a little food for thought. Remember you are what you eat so make sure to feed yourself spiritual food from the Bread of Life. Our Lord and Savior has laid a table before you. It’s up to you what you eat. I love you my brothers and sisters. Be strong in the Lord today for HE alone is our source of Strength.

From the desk of:

~*Sister Soldier*~

Lunch Time Live with ~*Sister Soldier*~

Posted by [email protected] on March 3, 2017 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Lunch time live...

You are a product of the ppl that raise you.

Athletes usually raise their children to be athletic.

Businessmen teach their children the family business.

And unfortunately in some cases when parents choose i lifestyle that is not so favorable... Their children usually follow the mind set of that lifestyle. (Generational blessings or curses).

The same thing happens in your spiritual life. When we seek to win the lost we have an obligation to help our spiritually babies grow and usually they follow in the footsteps of the people that are around them as they grow ...

I have always told my children that they were born to be strong because warriors breed warriors and this is true of them... They are all warriors in their own right and their own areas.

This statement i raised them on is very true.

Warriors breed warriors.. Just like soul winners breed soul winners and sheep breed sheep... We instill in the ones we are around what is in us...

So my question today that is meant to provoke food for thought is this... What are you breeding in your generations and the people you encounter? What heritage are you laying up for your physical and spiritual generations???

Just for for thought... Happy Friday FB family.

Remember be strong in the Lord Jesus Christ for He adobe is our strength.

Lunch Time Live with ~*Sister Soldier*~

Posted by [email protected] on February 9, 2017 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Lunch time live... (no video)

Women warriors this is a call to all of you!!! Prayer warriors, intercessors, Handmaidens, mothers of the church, sisters in the faith, daughters of THE KING of all kings.... I call on you now!!!

There is no love like a woman's love. Women were built to love. Love is the driving force behind effectual, fervent prayers!! If your prayers don't move your heart then they wont move the hands and heart of God!! It's time to go beyond just scratching the surface with our prayers... our hearts need to be broken for the lost and dying!! Jesus is drawn to a broken and contrite heart.. We must see everyone thru HIS eyes and love them with HIS heart. See them covered with his mercy and under his blood for our prayers to be strong enough in these last days to reach this lost and dying world. We must go forth in the name of Jesus, taking our stand in the spirit with prayers that flow through us like an Artesian well full love for our families, our children, our friends, our co-workers, our cities, this nation and the whole world. Pray the impossible because with him all things are possible. Pray the unthinkable because he can do exceedingly abundantly above all we can think or ask. Jesus said you have not because you all not!!!!

Ladies... IT'S TIME TO ASK!!! Ask not wavering, not doubting, standing firm, flat-footed in the face of hell screaming... YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!

It's time!!!! Ooh God!!! It's time... You are mighty women warrior!!! Our families depend on for so much!! This is the most important thing we can do for them!!! Pray, fight for their souls! Just like Rizpah beat the birds and animals off her dead sons bodies in 2 Samuel until the king took notice must pray for ours until the king takes notice of them. We MUST fight no matter how hard battle or how long the battle must fight until we hear our KING say well done...

So i call to you all one simple thing... Fight!!!

Ding Ding devil... It's time to fight!!!

Lunch Time Live with ~*Sister Soldier*~

Posted by [email protected] on January 26, 2017 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Lunch time live...

A certain woman stood watch at a gate and was attacked unawares and fell... At her fall the enemy flooded in and other women fell prey.

Moral of this statement... Your actions effect the whole body. Be aware and stand your ground so that the body as a whole is not effected.

To them that have ear to hear let them hear.

Lunch Time Live with ~*Sister Soldier*~

Posted by [email protected] on November 26, 2016 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Lunch time live with Sister Soldier... Video not available...

What is familiar is not always right... But we go back to it in our weakness because we can control that environment. We miss the fact that controlling our environment is not showing strength.. It's actually giving in to fear and weakness because we stay in the trap of pain and never grow.

I know that is starting out strong but it's on point so here we go...

Sometimes we have lived in the valley of pain and darkness so long that the presence of true love and light have become unfamiliar to us so when it comes to us unconditionally we don't know how to accept it... Mainly because we don't believe that someone could actually love us because we never truly learned to love ourself. So we self sabotage our own climb out of the valley to the mountain top because we have become so accustomed to living in the darkness of the valley never feeling anything real with no chance of ever feeling real love because we fear being hurt. In reality we miss out on truly being loved.

When you have been in the valley for too long you self sabotage your success because the darkness is all that you know... even when in your heart you want to do better. Right feels wrong when you are not used to it.

When you are not accustomed to being loved and someone comes in and loves you for real, you beat them up... You do whatever it takes to try and make them not love you.

Good feels bad when we are not used to it.

We make it hard for people to love us because we are not used to it. We try to make them feel like something is wrong with them. We self sabotage. We pick fights because we don't feel we deserve to be loved.

Self sabotage goes back to self preception and how you see yourself. And until you see yourself as better, "Right" doesn't feel right. Good doesn't feel good.. Better doesn't feel better because they are not familiar.

If you didn't love yourself you become uncomfortable and can't imagine anyone loving you because it doesn't agree with how you see yourself. Worse still you can't imagine God loving you because you don't love yourself and the notion escapes you that anyone could truly love because you have never loved deeper than scratching the surface so you only experience shallow love.

It's time to get in the deep end. If you never get in the deep end how to you expect to learn to swim?

But we choose to stay in the shallows. We hold on to the pain "they" called love because hurt is the only "love" we know... LOVE DOES NOT HURT!!

God said love your neighbor as you love yourself. For us to fulfill this scripture we must first learn to love our self because if we don't truly love our self we only have shallow love to offer others and we continue the cycle of hurt.

Long story short... Get away from abusive relationships and hurtful people... Take time to heal... Learn to truly love yourself. Then trust God enough to let HIM love you. After this you can truly understand unconditionall love when it comes to you and you will truly be able to give it in return with no fear.

Hope this helps.. I know it's heavy meat.. No milk today sorry.. But not sorry because have give like i hear ... And i understand that a wound will never heal unless you take scab off and let it get the air it needs.

Lunch Time Live with ~*Sister Soldier*~

Posted by [email protected] on November 4, 2016 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Lunch time live with Sister Soldier... (God is talking... I'm trying to listen... He who has an ear let him hear)

You are what you eat…

How’s your appetite?

In Ex. 16:15-18 God provided Manna for the children to eat and they gathered it according to their eating. Those that took much had none left and those that took less had no lack. They took according to their appetite and had no waste. God doesn’t like waste. He will feed you according to your appetite. If you desire much he will give you much if you settle for little he will give you little. You are what you eat… So I ask you … How’s your appetite?

There are some times in life where our appetite is not as heavy as others. If you are in pain for instance your appetite might go away or be less. This applies to every area of life not just food. Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.


If you get food poisoning you have physical pain and your appetite is not as big as normal if you have one at all. The pain in your body and the effects of the situation will cause you not to eat. If you hurt yourself physically your appetite may diminish due to your concentration on the pain in your body instead of the body’s need for food. You lose your physical appetite.


When you are going through a situation that breaks your heart (bad relationship break up, family issues, friends betray or hurt you) you become what the world calls heart sick. You heart is broken and your emotional state is such that you won’t want to eat at times. This is a hurt that you can’t touch but you can feel it to a level so deep that it will completely take away your appetite for not only food but for any type of love or affection. It kills your emotional appetite. You become cautious in how you deal with other people. You put up walls and you are not hungry for human contact or love. You lose your emotional appetite.


When you are a student in life, or school you are in a learning process. When faced with putting your knowledge to the test if you fail or get something wrong at times this loss or the fact that you failed a test can cause you to have a feeling of defeat and sometimes you feel like giving up on the process of what you are trying to learn. You lose your desire to finish the course or project in life that you are working on. You lose your mental appetite.


In our spiritual walk with God we are faced with attacks on ever side at times. Especially when you have a deeper calling on your life. If you are called to minister or do outreach you deal with a lot of people and different types of personalities. Some are very receptive and open to what you are bringing to them and some will use you for their own personal gain and want nothing further to do with you. When you are called to be a prayer warrior and an intercessor you are under spiritual attack all the time because of the spiritual battles that you wage against hell on your behalf and on the behalf of others. This constant battle can cause you to become weary in your walk at times and you can become gun shy of the fight if you are not careful. When you are called to minister in the church and you fellowship within the body at times the enemy will send in wolves that you are not aware of and in your well doing you become open to people and they at times can hurt you emotionally (church hurt is what the old folks call it). This can cause you to back off from your spiritual calling. All of these situations at times can steal your zeal and will cause you to lose your fire in the anointing if you allow it. God will only give you the level of anointing that you hunger for. But when you are hurt in this area you can lose your desire for the contact with others spiritually and the desire to fight spiritually. Another trick the enemy will use in this area is to get us distracted. With being busy (BUSY=Being Under Satan’s Yoke) or distracted with things of the world. When we get too busy our appetite changes from things of God to things of the world like our jobs, our friends, music, and even our talents. In all of the above mentioned situations you can lose your spiritual appetite.

The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy. He comes at us in every area of our life to steal our appetite for love, life, family, fun, joy, even the appetite for our walk with God. He will try to get us distracted to steal our appetite for the presence of God. Psalms 42:1 says “As the hart (deer) panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee Oh God.” That is an appetite for God… How’s your appetite?

God will give you according to your appetite… If you have an appetite for happiness and seek after it God will give it to you. But if you are happy with all that bitterness and continue to seek after the bitterness and drama, he will allow you to have it. He will stand still and let you chase after all that pain and bitterness that this world has to offer you because he will not force feed you something you do not have an appetite for. Just like we know vegetables are good for our children, we will try to get them to eat them but we can’t force feed them veggies if they refuse to eat them. They will eventually suffer the consequences of not having the vitamins that come from them in their system and will have the after effects of the lack of vitamins in their system. Well, it is the same with us and God. He will offer us Godly things in our life and the fruits of the spirit but he will not force feed us. He gives us human will and the option to choose what we will have an appetite for. How’s your appetite?

God works on a supply and demand system. He will supply what we demand. He will supply our needs, but he will not supply simply because we need it. He supplies according to our appetite. Supply vs. demand!! If you want more he will give you more!! He will also supply what you have an appetite for. If you desire joy and sow joy and seek joy He will give you joy. If you desire more of his presence and seek after His presence, He will manifest himself to you more and more according to your desire for him. However, if you desire more of this world and more bitterness because you don’t let go of things that people have done to you fast enough and if you desire to be angry and you sow anger into the people that come in to your life because you are angry from your past, he will stand back and allow that to be fed by this world because that is where your appetite is at and you are seeking after those negative emotions and situations. (vicious cycle of abuse) … How’s your appetite?

Some people want the provision but only want it on their terms. They don’t want more of the provision because they don’t want to go through the process that is required to get the provision. You can’t go deeper in the lord and walk into the destiny He has for you if you are still anchored in your past and all that bitterness and anger from your past broken relationships and hardships. You got to face it and forgive those that hurt you and then FORGIVE YOURSELF for your part in it.

You have to open yourself up for what God has for you and make prevision in your life for the miracle or the anointing that he is trying to give you. You have to work to prepare and make room to hold all that He wants you to have. All that you say you desire. The woman in 2 Kings 4 went to Elisha saying her husband was dead and that the creditor was coming to take her two sons to be bondmen. She told Elisha that all she had to her name was a pot of oil. Elisha told her Go borrow vessels abroad of all thy neighbors, even empty vessels, borrow NOT A FEW… She had to go out and ask for vessels. I am sure she didn’t want to do this because people would judge her and ask why she was borrowing empty vessels. BUT she knew to receive the blessing she needed she had to put in the work for it. She went and borrowed vessels as many as she could. She put in the work and made preparation for the blessing that was coming. She had to take the first step and then God did the rest. We at times want to sit back and wait for God to do it all but we must have the desire and appetite for the blessing that will drive you to gather the vessels and prepare for the anointing to have room in your life. The woman in this scripture gathered vessels and the oil did not stop until all the vessels that she had gathered were filled. How much room are you willing to make for your anointing or your blessing or your healing to come into your life? How much of an appetite do you have for the things that God has for you? Don’t send God wrong signals. To the ones that ate more, God gave more. To the ones that ate less He gave less. He provided according to their appetite. He can’t give us a glory that we don’t ask Him for. He can’t give us a healing that we don’t ask him for. He can’t give us the deliverance that we seek if we never ask for it. If you only give him 2 hours a week on a Sunday morning then he is only allowed to be a 2 hour God in your life. Make provision and make room for him… Do you desire him? Is your heart panting after Him? How’s your appetite?

Don’t save life for “someday”. Live it for God to the fullest now! Have an appetite for your walk with Him. Have an appetite for the anointing and calling He wants to give you. Make room and provision to allow Him to move in your life in a way that will be life changing not only for you but for the ones around you as well. When they see your appetite and your desire for the things of God, they will want it too. Your walk will be your witness. Just like someone eating something that tastes good to them … their reaction to the food makes others either want to taste it or not. In Ps. 34:8 God said “taste and see that the Lord is good…” How does your reaction to the taste of God’s presence in your life speak to the ones around you. Are you savoring the taste of His presence and does your face show that He is good? Will your walk and your reaction to His presence make others want to know him as well? Do you have an appetite for Him that will make the world want to taste of His goodness too?

So I ask you again… How’s your appetite?

Hope this helps you as much as it helped me... God you all ...

Lunch Time Live with ~*Sister Soldier*~

Posted by [email protected] on October 5, 2016 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Lunch time "live" with Sister Soldier...

Ok. I know that live is supposed to include a video but I'm at work and not in the position to do the video toady... It's not permitted where I'm sitting today. However, this is my lunch time "live" today...

Life has taught me You must be careful who you invest in. Jesus chose His disciples very carefully. They were not always the people that everyone else would have chosen but he knew their heart. I have learned you must take time to know a person's true heart for you before you begin to invest in them. I'm not talking about money... I'm taking about investing your time, attention, love, emotions, affections, wisdom and your life... You don't want to be grounded in someone that is only proposed to be in your life for one reason or season.. Don't invest in someone that is leaving. Also, when they do decide to leave, let them Go... Forgive them for not staying. Walk away with the understanding that not every person you meet is connected fully to your Destiny. They may only be there to teach you something or for you to teach them something. You musty know their heart for you and this takes time. You can't determine if they are for you if you never go through trials together. "Ride or die" doesn't get up and leave when a storm hits. They lock in with you and help you go through it. Sometimes God allows you to go through a storm just so you can see what you are working with when it comes to the people in your life. Want to know who is really for you... Go through a tough spot. The room will clear and you will see the ones left standing. Those are the ones you can trust to invest in... We have to stop grounding ourselves in people that are on their way out!! And when they leave don't waste time begging them to stay or come back. I don't care if it's been one day or 26 years. Let them Go!!! Because if they were for you they would have never left. Pick up what you have left of your stuff, your heart, your money and walk into your future... With the lesson learned and your head held high. Stay humble before God and THANK HIM for showing you their true heart for you. Set yourself free from the pain by forgiving them and choosing too be happy in your Destiny.

Also, one side note... Anything that pulls you away from God and his plan for your life is NOT PART OF YOUR DESTINY!! Just let it go.

Hope this helps... Have a great day. Love u all...

Diginity Villiage (Tent City)

Posted by [email protected] on June 22, 2015 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

My heart is so filled with joy today. Over the past almost four months I have been blessed by my Pastor Jeff Arnold of The Pentecostals of Gainesville to use a church van to go into Tent City, which is now called Dignity Village and pick up people for church. I drive the route three times a week. Twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday. I am so blessed to have a Pastor that supports this ministry and that not only allows me but equips me to run after the calling on my life. I thank God for the Shepherd he has placed me under, for He watches for my soul.

Over the past few months I have been blessed to bring approximately 16-20 different souls into the house of God for service. I have seen them come to the alter and reach for God and be broken under the power of the Holy Ghost. I have been humbled to see God work in the ones that I was blessed to pray for out in this mission field. God has given me a glimpse into another world that exists right here in our united states and the harvest of souls is fat and ready for picking. The people that live in Dignity Village are hungry for the things of God. This was proven this past Sunday to me when God miraculously Filled two people out of Dignity Village that came to church with me with the Holy ghost and there were three out of the six people that came with me to church that were baptized and one more that was broken under the power of God at the altar. This last person I mentioned that got touched, it was his first visit and he was touched by the Holy Ghost as he was standing at the alter reaching out to God. With Tear filled eyes He was broken under the power of the Holy Ghost. I am so humbled to think of the overwhelming love that God has shown forth towards us as his children. I am thankful that He has chosen a little rag like me to be used is such an amazing ministry and I long to see his mighty works continue to manifest in the ones that He touches and calls out of Dignity Village. My God is so amazing to me. I thank him for all that He has done.

Please continue to pray for this mission field and the amazing people that God is reaching for and touching. God bless each one of you...


~*Sister Soldier*~



Posted by [email protected] on April 28, 2015 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Today is an amazing day and these are amazing times we are living in.  I have been blessed over the past months and weeks to meet many wonderful people.  I have seen God move right in the midst of the camps that he sends me into.  I have seen heartache and pain healed.  Prayed for people that I have met and seen them break under the power of the Holy Ghost.  Last Sunday I was in the mission field at tent city and was picking up people for church when a lady came walking up to me beside the Church Van and she said I think your church came to the jail when I was there and had service.  I said yes we did.  She said that was the most amazing service I have ever been in.  We stood and talked for a moment and I told her she was welcome to come to church with us.  She said ok, let me get my purse.  She walked away and came back with another lady.  They both came to the driver's side of the van and Joni, the first lady I spoke with, said My dad called and wants to come get me for a little while, can I go with you next Sunday.  I felt a little sad but didn't show it, I told her Of course you can.  You can come with me anytime.  She smiled and her friend said that she had been in a church service in the local county jail with our Pastor's wife and one of the ladies from our church.  She said that she was so thankful for those ladies.  She asked me to keep her in my prayers and said she would go to church with us on Sunday as well.  I said well, there is no time like the present to pray and we all joined hands.  Joni, Shaq (the other lady) Me and My sister from Church Sue.  We prayed right there.  The Holy Ghost began to move and Joni broke down crying.  Shaq was praying and began to sing.  Before you knew it the Holy Ghost was all over all four of us and we were all singing together "break every Chain".  It was the most Amazing feeling being right there, at that moment in time with these two precious ladies and my sister singing to our King.  In the midst of the mission field, singing praises to our Lord Jesus.  His loving arms wraped all around us.  I was so humbled by his presence.  They may not have gone to church that morning but Our Lord Jesus allowed us to have church right there.  :)  It was an awesome presence of God and amazing manifestation of his Love and Mercy over all four of us.  I am still so humbled at the thought of how He has opened the doors to reach his people... I truly know now more than ever that it is time for us to stop just "going to church" and get out of those doors and walls and BE THE CHURCH everywhere we go.  Stay blessed and I look forward to every new adventure that God allows us to have.  Please pray for this ministry as God moves it forward.  He is so good... :)