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~*Sister Soldier*~ Blog

~*Sister Soldier*~ Blog

Diginity Villiage (Tent City)

Posted by [email protected] on June 22, 2015 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

My heart is so filled with joy today. Over the past almost four months I have been blessed by my Pastor Jeff Arnold of The Pentecostals of Gainesville to use a church van to go into Tent City, which is now called Dignity Village and pick up people for church. I drive the route three times a week. Twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday. I am so blessed to have a Pastor that supports this ministry and that not only allows me but equips me to run after the calling on my life. I thank God for the Shepherd he has placed me under, for He watches for my soul.

Over the past few months I have been blessed to bring approximately 16-20 different souls into the house of God for service. I have seen them come to the alter and reach for God and be broken under the power of the Holy Ghost. I have been humbled to see God work in the ones that I was blessed to pray for out in this mission field. God has given me a glimpse into another world that exists right here in our united states and the harvest of souls is fat and ready for picking. The people that live in Dignity Village are hungry for the things of God. This was proven this past Sunday to me when God miraculously Filled two people out of Dignity Village that came to church with me with the Holy ghost and there were three out of the six people that came with me to church that were baptized and one more that was broken under the power of God at the altar. This last person I mentioned that got touched, it was his first visit and he was touched by the Holy Ghost as he was standing at the alter reaching out to God. With Tear filled eyes He was broken under the power of the Holy Ghost. I am so humbled to think of the overwhelming love that God has shown forth towards us as his children. I am thankful that He has chosen a little rag like me to be used is such an amazing ministry and I long to see his mighty works continue to manifest in the ones that He touches and calls out of Dignity Village. My God is so amazing to me. I thank him for all that He has done.

Please continue to pray for this mission field and the amazing people that God is reaching for and touching. God bless each one of you...


~*Sister Soldier*~



Posted by [email protected] on April 28, 2015 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (20)

Today is an amazing day and these are amazing times we are living in.  I have been blessed over the past months and weeks to meet many wonderful people.  I have seen God move right in the midst of the camps that he sends me into.  I have seen heartache and pain healed.  Prayed for people that I have met and seen them break under the power of the Holy Ghost.  Last Sunday I was in the mission field at tent city and was picking up people for church when a lady came walking up to me beside the Church Van and she said I think your church came to the jail when I was there and had service.  I said yes we did.  She said that was the most amazing service I have ever been in.  We stood and talked for a moment and I told her she was welcome to come to church with us.  She said ok, let me get my purse.  She walked away and came back with another lady.  They both came to the driver's side of the van and Joni, the first lady I spoke with, said My dad called and wants to come get me for a little while, can I go with you next Sunday.  I felt a little sad but didn't show it, I told her Of course you can.  You can come with me anytime.  She smiled and her friend said that she had been in a church service in the local county jail with our Pastor's wife and one of the ladies from our church.  She said that she was so thankful for those ladies.  She asked me to keep her in my prayers and said she would go to church with us on Sunday as well.  I said well, there is no time like the present to pray and we all joined hands.  Joni, Shaq (the other lady) Me and My sister from Church Sue.  We prayed right there.  The Holy Ghost began to move and Joni broke down crying.  Shaq was praying and began to sing.  Before you knew it the Holy Ghost was all over all four of us and we were all singing together "break every Chain".  It was the most Amazing feeling being right there, at that moment in time with these two precious ladies and my sister singing to our King.  In the midst of the mission field, singing praises to our Lord Jesus.  His loving arms wraped all around us.  I was so humbled by his presence.  They may not have gone to church that morning but Our Lord Jesus allowed us to have church right there.  :)  It was an awesome presence of God and amazing manifestation of his Love and Mercy over all four of us.  I am still so humbled at the thought of how He has opened the doors to reach his people... I truly know now more than ever that it is time for us to stop just "going to church" and get out of those doors and walls and BE THE CHURCH everywhere we go.  Stay blessed and I look forward to every new adventure that God allows us to have.  Please pray for this ministry as God moves it forward.  He is so good... :)

Stomp the Battle ground

Posted by [email protected] on April 6, 2015 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I am so humbled at the Love and Mercy that our Lord Jesus Christ is showing in my life and in the ministry that HE has given to me and blessed.  He has his hand truly on my life.  In walking through the woods of Tent City and meeting people I have met some of the most amazing people in the world.  I have to give a praise report to the amazing work of God that He is doing among HIS people.  Since the onset I have met and spoke with some amazing people.  One of which is nicknamed "Snake" but his spirit and his heart for people is nothing like his name.  He is an amazingly humble man.  He loves the Lord and actually holds Bible Studies in the area of his Camp site.  He has invited me onto his "porch" many times to sit and talk about the goodness of our God.  His story is one that only He can tell and one day I will ask him to write his testimony and allow me to share it.  He has not only opened his "front yard" to me but also his heart and prayers.  I have truly been blessed by this young man.  I look forward to sharing more of his life story and testimony of what all God has done in and for him.  In my travels into this mission field I have been very blessed to have prayed for many individuals.  My pastor, Jeff Arnold, of Pentecostals of Gainesville recently allowed me to begin taking one of our church vans into Tent City and picking up people there.  I have driven the vans for our church for many years but this has now become my normal route.  I am so blessed to see the people come out of the woods and their camp sites to meet me.  They are so sweet to me, calling me Sister.  I heart is so full with the love I feel for them.  One the first day we ran the route to Tent City on 3/22/2015, we had 8 new people in church that day.  The next Sunday it was freezing and we only had two but this past Sunday we had four repeat riders and one new soul in the van.  Five total came to church Sunday morning with us.  I have been so humbled by the work of God.  One of the Men that was on the very first van ride had only been in Tent City for two days when I came through that morning.  He was not dressed like a homeless man when I came walking out of the woods and I didn't actually realized that that I had just walked past his tent as I approached him and the other man he was with.  The man he was wit had spoken to me the day prior to about coming to church and was there to meet me.  As we went through the day, the man that I had not met until that morning stayed with us all day.  During that morning service, he went to the alter and I went behind him to pray for him.  He was breaking and I could feel his heart was broken.  As I placed my hand on his arm to pray tears fell from his eyes.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  The power of God was all over him.  The ushers came and we all prayed for him.  He had taken my hand as I prayed and I went to move away but he would not let go of my hand.  He later told me it was like a life line.  He was so broken and scared yet felt stronger as he prayed.  This was the morning of 3/22/15, he has been in the alter every service that he has attended and on 4/5/2015 He was baptised in the precious name of Jesus.  I cried and thanked my Jesus for drawing him to the alter and to himself.  My Lord is so amazing.  During the first week after he was at the alter, one of the men in our church gave him a job.  The very next day after leaving the alter he was blessed by a man of God from another assembly and was able to get a motel room.  Two days later He worked for the man from our church and he was able to rent a room from a couple that was renting out a room in their house with the money he made working.  Then on day three he put in an application and was hired onto a part time job in addition to the one he already had with the man from our church.  God opened the doors up in one week for him to go from being homeless, living in a tent to having a place of his own and not one job but two.  He placed his faith in God and God set his feet on a solid foundation.  God is working miracles and I will continue to stop out this battle ground as HE leads me.  :)  I am a very blessed Handmaiden unto my Master, King Jesus.  :)